Amazing Sardinia!

Amazing Sardinia!
Duration: 7 days

Amazing Sardinia!

from 2 135 000 UZS

Amazing nature and excellent beaches, the original culture of sardis and magnificent hotels with a high level of service make this island a paradise of the planet.

This season, the rarest offer for the island, a hotel with a white sandy beach in its territory 300-600 m from the bungalow at the base is all inclusive at a very attractive price!

Cost Includes: 7 days in 4 * based breakfast

When booking a tour, it is mandatory to pay extra: Insurance policy
Company service
Flight from 7 300 000 UZS

Price per person based on double occupancy
Payment is made in national currency at the exchange rate established by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the dayof payment
Price changes are possible, depending on the density of the season. For further information, please call

Sardinia has a completely different concept of measuring time and area. Despite the fact that it is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily, its population reaches only 1.6 million. Many parts of the island are wild and unpopulated, it is not uncommon to find areas with mountain ranges, nature reserves and hundreds of kilometers of coast with wild beaches and bays accessible only from the sea.

Forests and plains, where various species of animals live, such as wild boars, and flora, including rare species of orchids that have yet to be classified. You can walk around the country for a long time and not meet anyone.

Given the small population, the roads in Sardinia are quiet and almost without traffic. An unforgettable experience is to drive along the picturesque coastal road from Alghero to Bosa or from Teulada to Kia during sunset. Even in the wildest places, there is almost always the opportunity to stop for a coffee or an aperitif, eat in a restaurant or tavern. Restaurants are most often small, family run, simple but with great food at reasonable prices. Sardinia is proud of its ancient history and has many valuable testimonies of its past. The symbol of Sardinia is Nuraghi, conical stone fortresses, usually located in picturesque places, there are more than 7,000 of them on the island, built about 3,000 years ago.


Basilica of San Simplicio

This church was built at the end of 11th on a hill that was once located outside the city walls. Since Carthage, the place where the church now stands has been used as a cemetery.

Grotto of Neptune

Love thrilling adventures and adore caves? In the summer heat it is so nice to hide in the cool, and therefore it is definitely worth a visit to the grotto of Neptune.

Cagliari Cathedral

The historic center of Cagliari is crowned with a beautiful medieval building - the Cathedral of St. Mary. Towering over the other buildings of the Royal Square.

National Park “La Maddalena”

La Maddalena National Park was named after the archipelago that sheltered it. This is the only state-owned protected land in all of Italy.

Bastion San Remy

The bastion of San Remy is made in the classical style according to the designs of Giuseppe Costa and FulgenzioSetti. The fortress is built of white and yellow limestone and named after the Viceroy Baron San Remy.

Botanical Garden “Cagliari”

Currently, more than 2 thousand species of plants collected from all over the planet grow in the Cagliari Botanical Garden. The most extensive collection is represented by plants characteristic of the Mediterranean latitudes.

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