Azerbaijan: Baku + Naftalan
Duration: 10 days - 9 nights

Azerbaijan: Baku (2 nights) + Naftalan (7 nights)

from 7 600 000 UZS

If you watched the “Diamond Hand” and you liked it, then you are definitely in Baku. It was here that the famous episodes were filmed from "shortpobieri" and "russoturisto - oblikomorale" Over the past 100 years, virtually nothing has changed here.

Naftalan resort is 360 km from Baku. Here comes a special kind of oil called naphthalan that comes to the surface - it is used in the treatment of many diseases, especially those associated with dermatology and problems with the musculoskeletal system. By the way, the residents of the city came up with an original way to demonstrate the healing power of naphthalan: there is a museum of crutches, which were left unnecessarily by people who came here for treatment

The price includes: Meeting and seeing off at the airport, as well as transfer from Baku to Naftalan (group transfer)
2 nights in beautiful Baku (4 * hotel, breakfast included)
7 nights in Naftalan (treatment and three meals a day)
one-day tour of Baku

When booking a tour the following is additionally paid: Insurance policy
Company service
Flight (Tashkent - Baku - Tashkent) from 3,700,000 UZS

Price per person based on double occupancy
Payment is made in national currency at the exchange rate established by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of payment
Price changes are possible, depending on the density of the season. For further information, please call

The Naftalan resort, located next to Ganja, is one of the most unusual medical resorts not only in the CIS, but throughout the world. It is treated with naphthalan - a special type of brown oil, which is famous for its healing properties. Archaeologists report that these places were inhabited around the 12th century, but they began to use “liquid gold” for treatment only in the 1870s, and the idea to attract tourists to the city came to the authorities at the beginning of the 21st century. “The spring of black gold is the key to healing,” is the motto of the Naftalan health resorts.

Medicinal oil was known in China and India, it was traded throughout the Middle East. “Oil spas”, which received spontaneous short-lived popularity in Soviet times, decided to revive - and successfully. Today in Naftalan there are a lot of hotels built in the 2010s, and the profile of the resort is arthritis, rheumatism and skin diseases.

More than 70 different diseases are treated with naphthalan: in the first place, these are diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, skin, blood vessels, gynecological and urological disorders.


Maiden Tower “GizGalasy” (Baku)

The GyzGalasy tower is rightly called the most mysterious monument. The uniqueness of architecture of GyzGalasy lies in the fact that the tower is located on a ledge of a large rock.

Shirvanshahs Palace (Baku)

From the 13th to the 16th centuries there was built the Shirvanshahs palace. Attractions include this architectural complex, which includes the Hamer sofa courtyard, mosque and tomb.

Mohammed’s Mosque (Baku)

In the immediate vicinity of the Maiden Tower is the mosque of Mohammed. Presumably, 471 year of construction. The work was carried out by order of Muhammad ibn Abubakr.

Crutches Museum (Naftalan)

The crutches museum houses exhibits belonging to different people in different years who came to the resort for treatment. After recovering and leaving the resort, the crutch could be left in the museum.

Museum of Local History (Naftalan)

The museum has created an exposition dedicated to history, archaeological finds on the territory of the ancient caravan route, as well as a collection of national costumes, jewelry, household utensils and devices for the extraction of Naftalan healing oil.

Nizami Park (Naftalan)

A beautiful and well-maintained park with Mediterranean flora and an artificial pond.

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