Disneyland is a fabulous journey into the world of magic!

Duration: 4 days in the most romantic city in Europe, Paris (4 * hotel, breakfast included) and 4 days in Disneyland.


From 12,000,000 UZS

The words “We're going to Disneyland” delight not only children, but adults as well! This is a legendary place where everyone has the opportunity to return to childhood and meet with the characters of their favorite cartoons.

For more than a quarter of a century, 32 km east of Paris, the "branch" of the American entertainment complex named after Walt Disney has been operating. Covering the entire area of a perfectly even ring with a 3-kilometer diameter, described by the Gran Fosé and D'Europe boulevards, it consists of two parks - DisneylandPark and WaltDisneyStudiosPark (4 thematic zones each), 7 hotels directly on the territory, 8 on the outskirts, and DisneyVillage mini-town with restaurants, cafes and shops. In the very center of the ring - its own railway station, trains to which from the center of Paris take about 40 minutes.

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The price includes: 4 days in the most romantic city in Europe, Paris (4 * hotel, breakfast included).
4 days at Disneyland
Entrance tickets to Disneyland

When booking a tour the following is additionally paid: Insurance policy
Company service
Flight (Tashkent – Paris – Tashkent) from 5 300 000 UZS
Visa fee

Price per person based on double occupancy
Payment is made in national currency at the exchange rate established by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of payment
Price changes are possible, depending on the density of the season. For further information, please call

Disneyland - the world of childhood, positive and uncontrollable joy! This is a lot of attractions and entertainment on a vast territory. The first amusement park was opened in America, and later in Europe. Disneyland Paris is the single largest amusement park in Europe spread over 1943 hectares.

DisneylandPark consists of 5 zones:
"Mainstreet U.S.A" will be pleased with 5 attractions. At the entrance to Disneyland begins the main street, which resembles America from the 19-20 centuries. This is where the Mainstreet Railway Station is located, from where the train starts throughout the park, the cartoon characters of Walt Disney walk and beautiful parades take place.
"Frontierland" - with a dozen attractions. It is here that you can plunge into the world of the American Wild West, join the cowboys, Indians and residents of the city at the end of the XIX century.
"Adventureland" has 6 attractions. In this park you can get a shot of adrenaline on a 360-degree roller coaster and enjoy the life of Indiana Jones: jump over bridges, go through waterfalls, resist pirate attacks and much more.
The largest number of attractions in "Fantasyland". Basically, this park is designed for the youngest visitors, but of course there is something interesting for adults as well. You can fly out of a window on Peter Pan’s flying ship and fly over London.
In "Discoveryland", consisting of 9 attractions, you need to prepare for a speedy, mystical, intergalactic adventure. It’s worth noting that there are hidden cameras on the Cosmic Mountain ride.

The most memorable rides at Disneyland

Indiana Jones and the Dangerous Castle

“Dead loops”, dangerous turns, a shaking trolley (the feeling that it is about to break loose!), Bright, impressive scenery - an explosive mixture that really causes wild fear.

Space mountain

In this case, the illusion of flying into space at high speed is created. The quintessence of fear, delight and fantastic drive makes you visit it again and again!

Peter Pan

Everything is like in a dream! Having flown out of the window of the hero’s bedroom, a flying ship whirls its passengers over London at night, completing the flight with an unforgettable turn in the direction of a bright star.

House with ghosts

You can safely go here with the whole family. If during the show there is a feeling of fear, then not for long. But the fascinating search for the missing groom in the company of an abandoned bride and funny ghosts will leave bright and positive memories.

Alice's Labyrinth

"Alice's Labyrinth" - a fun, dynamic and full of pleasant surprises attraction. Tiny, inconspicuous doors in a continuous hedge, false turns, dead ends ... You have to show resourcefulness and ingenuity to get out of the fairy-tale maze!

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

With the help of special effects and blasters, participants in the game save the Universe from the evil wizard. The attraction will appeal to energetic children and their parents with a well-developed imagination and a lot of unspent energy.

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