A week in amazing Iceland!

Duration: 7 days

A week in amazing Iceland!

From 18 000 000 UZS

Iceland is an amazing, mysterious, alluring country. Her landscapes are so unique that the directors of many science fiction films choose her location. Iceland has more than once been the moon, and Mars and the mysterious marvelous civilization. But not only in films she is. It is unusual in reality. Only here on one territory huge glaciers, geysers, lava fields, picturesque waterfalls against the background of emerald hills, black sand beaches, warm thermal springs and much, much more harmoniously coexist.

The price includes: 7 day tour of the most iconic places in Iceland.
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Iceland is an island nation in the northern Atlantic Ocean. The relief of the country is determined by volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. Iceland has the national parks Vatnajökull and Snajdefelsjökull, which are famous for their huge glaciers. Most of the population lives in the capital, Reykjavik, which receives a significant part of its energy from a geothermal power plant. The city is worth a visit to the National Museum and the Museum of Sagas, the exposition of which is dedicated to the history of the settlement of Iceland by the Vikings.

The national attractions of Iceland are so numerous and diverse that they make the trip here an informative and interesting adventure. If you also decided to arrange a visit to this hospitable country, you should find out in advance what to see in Iceland. Otherwise, you can lose sight of the unique cultural monuments and unique objects of art.


Blue Lagoon

This name has various sights of Iceland - and a popular geothermal resort. And a mineral-rich man-made lake, called a miracle of nature;

Tower imagine the world

According to official information, the building was erected by Yoko Ono in memory of one member of the legendary Liverpool Four, J. Lennon.

Gudlfoss Waterfall

Excursions in Iceland rarely do without visiting the country's largest, deepest and most beautiful waterfall. Two steps with a height of 11 meters and 21 m., And a depth of water fall of up to 70 m.

National Park Thingvedlir

A natural site cut by volcanic faults is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site. No review can convey the beauty of these places.


Art Nouveau architecture masterpiece - Lutheran Cathedral of Hallgrimskirkja. The huge height of the building allows you to see it from anywhere in the city of Reykjavik.

Colored Mountains Landmannaloyugar

Incredible landscapes and a unique riot of colors - all this is the colorful valley of Landmannaloyugar. Boiling and soaring puddles are adjacent to amazingly beautiful colorful mountains.

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